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We function admirably with our customers on the grounds that our connections depend on genuineness and trust. However, all work needs direction as terms and conditions. It’s significant that you comprehend what we charge for and why we charge it, why certain copyright records are not released by us and furthermore charges you might incur for late payment and additional work.

Terms & Conditions
  • The following Terms and Conditions of Service apply to all products and services provided by MUH Design
  • All work is carried out by MUH Design on the understanding that the client has agreed to our terms and conditions.
  • If a choice of designs is presented and one is chosen for your project, only that solution is deemed to be given by us as fulfilling the contract. All other designs remain the property of MUH Design, unless specifically agreed in writing.

All invoicing will be itemized on a per project basis, unless otherwise agreed. Invoicing will be done according to the terms set. Installment of each invoice is due within 3 days from the date of the invoice.

All fees are non-refundable.

All Fee payable hereunder shall be paid on the dates due, in immediately available funds. Fees paid shall not be refundable under any circumstances.


In the event that the Client decides to cancel the production of the project for which MUH Design has been retained, the Client agrees to pay MUH Design for the work performed up to the date of cancellation. Such amount is due upon cancellation of the project.

Written Notice Required for Project Cancellations

If the Client cancels production of a project at any time after MUH Design has been retained, MUH Design requires that written notification, via certified and registered mail or delivered in person. Cancellation will be effective as of the date on which client’s written notice of cancellation is received to MUH Design team. Notices of cancellation in a form other than that specified above will be invalid.


Client rights pursuant to the agreement are granted only on receipt of payment in full. All rights not expressly granted on the face of this agreement remain the exclusive property of MUH Design. Usage beyond that granted shall require additional fees.

Portfolio Usage

MUH Design reserves the right to use any Deliverable produced under this Agreement for the purpose of self-promotion including samples and reproductions of Deliverable. Client grants a non-exclusive right and license to display any approved Client logos, slogans, trade names, trademarks, and service marks included in the Deliverable for MUH Design self-promotional use.

Display of Logo

MUH Design reserves the right to incorporate its logo and/or a web-link on all designs, artwork, websites, etc. A minimum of Rs.500 or 5% of the total project cost fee will apply where Client refuses this right.

Ownership of Work

Unless otherwise specified on the face of this agreement, the Client retains ownership of all work, whether preliminary or final, once all agency fees have been paid in full.

Acceptance of Terms

If not objected to within ten (10) days of the date of the Agreement, the terms of the Agreement shall be deemed acceptable.

30 days Proposal Terms

Scope and pricing of the provided proposal has an official validation period of 30 days unless otherwise agreed upon by written agreement.

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